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How ODASE helps you deliver a successful project


As for all major paradigm shift, it is not obvious to understand what an ontology-centric development is. Moreover, the benefits seem too good to be true. The best way to 'kick the tyres' with ODASE is through a Proof Of Concept: build a small but complex application in six weeks. The Business will learn what an ontology with logical business rules is, see the power of explanation and the tremendous agility in adjusting to changing business requirements. IT can validate the benefits of getting services deployed in their environment, with architecture flexibility. This POC is not intended to be 'thrown away' but can be reused in a next phase, e.g. the development of a pilot or a Go Live system.

Typical Services

Design and Creation

ODASE ontologists (business analysts with an education in formal logic) create an ontology and the associated logical business rules in collaboration with business experts (also called SMEs, Subject Matter Experts) with whom they interact.

Impact on the SME is kept to a minimum: workshops, mail exchanges, video-conferences.


The process is very lightweight for the SMEs.


ODASE experts generate the Ontology API.


They add, if needed, a mediation ontology, develop the services controller and a Web application, integrate the development in the client's DevOps environments.


They also help deployment to the physical or virtual infrastructure using Kubernetes, if required.


Typically, four days dedicated to:


  1. An introduction to ontologies,

  2. Create an ontology with Protégé (learning example or POC),

  3. Create logical business rules with ODASE Workbench, test and explain, 

  4.  Advanced features of ODASE.

Maintenance and Support

ODASE experts deliver all the services required after Go Live, when it is Business As Usual, with different SLA.

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